Footy Goals, Inc serves children from underserved backgrounds both in America & abroad. We use sport as a vehicle to impact lives. Footy Goals, Inc also seeks to leverage strategic partnerships with other industry experts, non-profits, or Non-Government Organizations to help care for children in our programs in an effort to provide holistic care. 


Efforts in Ethiopia

Currently our efforts focus on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we have partnered with a club called Meheret FC (which translates in Amharic to “Mercy”). The soccer club has a senior team set up, providing sporting opportunities to players who are in poverty. Players are provided salaries, nutritious meals, equipment & mentorship from staff as a part of their involvement. The long range goal is to continue to round this club out over time with everything from a B team, Academy, a Women’s side to the club & academy, as well as a facility. We will look to identify talented youth, who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and work with them to help develop their gifts to achieve their goals in life. 

Additionally, we have identified a local NGO, Mercy Branch Services (, who we will lean on for their expertise with children who are of the street and without families. In partnership with them, we will help step in to the stress points of families’ budgets be it groceries, school tuition, uniforms for school, etcetera, dependent on the needs of families in accordance with the budget of the project. These efforts act as a preventative measure to the street child culture that exists in the city. As a part of our partnership, we will provide funding to them to incorporate any academy children into their care while they continue to be a part of the academy/club. 


Efforts Locally

Domestically, we are exploring what options exist and are looking to extend our network of partners. We recognize that soccer in America has challenges in regards to offering excellent opportunities for all socio-economic backgrounds. Footy Goals, Inc seeks to make an authentic effort to be inclusive of all individuals.  We strive to offer alternatives to “the pay to play” model that currently exists in most domestic soccer opportunities. We seek to align with FIFA standards and provide positive, creative outlets for children who may not otherwise be afforded that opportunity in a the current landscape of soccer offerings.

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